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      Zhuzhou Changjiang Carbie tools Co., Ltd. Located in China's largest cemented carbide production base - Zhuzhou City, is a company with more than thirty years of development history, set carbide tool production and deep processing tools, tungsten, tungsten cobalt smelting recycling of resources in one medium-sized enterprises. In 2003 the company passed the overall restructuring established joint-stock company, a subsidiary of Zhuzhou cemented carbide Group Co., Ltd...In 2012, hard line group company again capital, owns a 100% stake in the company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the hard line group. The company has five professional production plant, a subsidiary of two (Zhuzhou cemented carbide processing Co. Ltd., Yanling Jingcheng tungsten Co. Ltd.,). 

The company has total assets of 268000000 RMB, annual sales income of 638000000 RMB, cemented carbide production capacity of 1000 tons / year. The main R & D, production, sales of transmission.

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